Team 203 Girls Lacrosse Club is a year round, competitive lacrosse club that focuses on seasonal lacrosse training and the overall development of girls from fourth grade through their college careers.

Thank you all SO much for an amazing season and experience! Rachel’s love of lacrosse has grown more then we thought possible. As I send this email she’s at the high school practicing her shots!
We truly appreciate the time, energy and positivity you put into helping our girl grow! 

Coach Climie,

Thank you for a fantastic season with 203.  Kayla learned so much from you and your coaching techniques.  We are forever grateful that you were her coach this year.  You pushed her to be a better player each game and that is exactly what she needed.  I know that Scout will be moving into HS, but our family really hopes that you will consider coaching this team again next year.  Thank you for the impact that you had on Kayla this year and for caring about our daughter and her potential to be a great player.  Have a fantastic summer.

First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for the great summer-ball experience.  Taylor truly enjoyed her team, competition and coaching.  She’s not only walking away a better lax player, but with friendships she otherwise would not have made. Thanks! 

Thanks so much for a great season! Molly had so much fun and learned even more. Unfortunately we are on vacation and won’t be back in time for camp but we will see you at tryouts!

25/26's - Many thanks for a wonderful season!!  Kaelyn has a blast and seemed to improve her skills.  Agree on your assessment of the team dynamics. Love this group of girls!
Eric, Lee & T203 Staff,
We want to thank Team 203 for the fabulous coaches, lacrosse experiences and tournament play that greatly enhanced and strengthened her lacrosse talents and ability to work more effectively as a team player on and off the field.  As parents, we also have had wonderful experiences with the Team 203 Lacrosse Teams for both Matthew and Kaitlyn. We are so thrilled and very happy that we chose Team 203 for our kids premier summer lacrosse teams. We have met many great parents, families and lacrosse players throughout those years.

Dear Coach John and Coach Ashleigh,

We must admit, we too are a bit sad the season is over already! We just wanted to email and make sure to thank you both for all of the support and coaching you gave Alia this summer season. You pointed out the things she needs to work on without ever making her doubt your faith in her abilities, which strengthened confidence in herself. Your ability to design and run a great practice opened up a whole new world of respect for your positivity, patience and skills.  We have truly enjoyed and look forward to being a part of the Team 203 experience.  

Hey Coach, 

Thanks for the email. This summer has helped me so much with my college search. I have been invited on official visits to 4 of my top schools -  I'm going up on an official visits this fall! This never would have happened if I hadn't been on such a great team over the summer. I'm looking forward to fall clinics with 203 and then getting back on the field with the team for Fall Ball.

Thank you so much for everything!

Dear Coaches,

I just wanted to personally say thank you for letting me have a great first experience with team 203. I also wanted to say thank you for teaching me many new goalie skills and a better technique. My dad says that I have gotten a lot better in just the 5 or 6 weeks I was with you guys.

Thank you very much,

I want to thank you for everything during this short "season". Lauren has learned so much and has enjoyed playing for your team more than any other in the past. The two of you pushed the girls to be better individually and compete as a team while having fun. The team coming together so quickly and having the success we have seen is a great testament to your leadership. Thanks to both you and Coach DeStefano for your commitment to building a strong team and positively influencing the girls.

I just wanted to thank you for working with this group of girls.   My daughter was thrilled with the boot camp and has looked forward to each meeting afterward.   Winning today was great, but more important for her is that she feels that she is working hard, gaining skills and learning the game of lacrosse every time she is with this team.   She was a little worried about playing defense since she usually plays midfield but I think you both helped the transition by coaching her through it and encouraging her along the way.   She is her own biggest critic, she is very hard on herself.  She has high expectations for herself and has set ambitious goals for her future.   So your positive reinforcement is great for her, although  She is also fine with the tough approach.  I am thrilled with her experience so far and I just wanted to be sure that I thanked you for being great role models, I know that you have already made an impact on my daughter, and too many times the coaches hear the complaints and not the compliments.

Thank you,
Team 203 Parent of two (U15 Girls, 2014' Boys

Coach Bailey,
Great job yesterday. It was my first experience with 203 and I was very pleased & impressed. Hope you had a great Fathers Day!

Thanks so much for everything!
Team 203 2015 Parent

You are running a terrific club which is already on the path to success...Great hard working coaches doing it the right way.

Team 203 2014' Parent

Thank you for such a great lacrosse season. I had a amazing time with my team, all of the girls got very close throughout the season. I think the girls really connected and bonded with the coaches. I would like to also thank the coaches for a wonderful season

I can't say enough about last summer. We were exhausted chasing them both all over but both our kids got so much from the program. You really have done a great job and we appreciate it. They both want to play in college so they appreciate the coaches and competition that you brought to them.
Thanks again
I wanted to let you know that my daughter told me she really enjoyed playing this July for Team 203 for you and with the friends she made.