Team 203 Girls Lacrosse Club is a year round, competitive lacrosse club that focuses on seasonal lacrosse training and the overall development of girls from fourth grade through their college careers.

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Team 203 Girls Lacrosse Club

Team 203 Girls Lacrosse Club is a year round, competitive lacrosse club that focuses on the overall development of girls from third grade through their college careers. 

Our goals are simple; to provide the best student athletes in Connecticut an opportunity to receive the finest quality, year round lacrosse training and compete in the most well run, competitive lacrosse tournaments throughout the year, while exposing our athletes to the college coaching community.  In addition, we strive to provide all players the tools to succeed in top level positional specific training, speed training, and strength and conditioning education.

Our players understand that hard work, commitment and team play are needed to reach their individual goals while our dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff is the club's foundation. 

Team 203 Lacrosse Club understands friendships created and fostered between players and families is a key factor to the club's success and why Team 203 is considered one of the finest, cost effective and most fun lacrosse clubs in Connecticut.  We are always looking for quallity student athletes.  If you feel you have the drive to be the best and would like a tryout please contact us TODAY!

2021/2022 Programming TRYOUTS - High School Grad Years

Sunday 8/1 - For all New & Returning Players

2022 Fall/Winter, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 TEAMS



What does Team 203 offer?

*Year Round Lacrosse Training *Highly Decorated Staff *Fall Sunday Training *Specific Positional Training *Dodging and Shooting Training *Winter Indoor Training *College Summer Lacrosse League *Goalie Specific Training *College Recruiting Assistance *Speed Training *Strength and Conditioning Education *One on One and Small Group Training *Custom Under Armour Uniform *Access to the Best Fall and Summer Recruiting Tournaments *Boot Camp prior to Summer Season *Summer Lacrosse Camp



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