Team 203 Girls Lacrosse Club is a year round, competitive lacrosse club that focuses on seasonal lacrosse training and the overall development of girls from fourth grade through their college careers.

Welcome to Team CT Girls Lacrosse Club's Home Page

Team 203 is now known as TEAM CT Girls Lacrosse Club!
We do not enter into this decision lightly, and we hope that a re-brand, along with a fresh new name and logo, will help propel this lacrosse club to new and great heights!
TEAM CT remains a year round, competitive lacrosse club that focuses on the overall development of girls from rising third grade and up!  We offer Elite coaching, an opportunity to play with your friends, a family friendly environment, a competitive atmosphere, and our tournaments are within 2 hours away.

***We look forward to bringing you a new and more user-friendly website where you can not only register for programming, but catch up on the latest news about the club calendar. This new website will roll out in the coming weeks, but for now, please bear with us as we enter this new and exciting phase in our development! 

You'll be able to register for any programming on this site until further notice

Get to Know Team CT

Sunday 12/11


For youth players (elementary through 8th grade) of any level not currently with our club

CT Sportsplex Foxon Road North Branford


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What does Team 203 offer?

*Year Round Lacrosse Training *Highly Decorated Staff *Fall Sunday Training *Specific Positional Training *Dodging and Shooting Training *Winter Indoor Training *College Summer Lacrosse League *Goalie Specific Training *College Recruiting Assistance *Speed Training *Strength and Conditioning Education *One on One and Small Group Training *Custom Uniform *Access to the Best Fall and Summer Recruiting Tournaments *Boot Camp prior to Summer Season *Summer Lacrosse Camp





Thank you!!!
The Team CT Girls Lacrosse Staff